QUESTION: Is it possible to visit the village of Cavazzone?
Yes, upon request: by booking a tour you can visit the production facilities of Cavazzone Balsamic Vinegar, the Museums, and on some occasions even the Chalet and the Tower.

QUESTION: What services do you offer clients?
We have a number of Mountain Bikes available for clients, and off-road cyclists will find a variety of trails for every skill level; guests can also enjoy beautiful walks and hikes deep into the woods or through the striking gypsum outcrops; The Salse di Regnano and Casola, active mud volcanoes, are just 5 minutes away by car; upon request, we also organize Cooking Classes as well as advanced courses on Wine and Vinegar.

QUESTION: Can I buy Cavazzone’s products?
Yes, packaged products can be purchased in the Restaurant.

QUESTION: Is it possible to book the whole Cavazzone village for private events?
Yes, though every request will be individually assessed, and we will only confirm a booking when we are certain that the client’s needs can be met.

QUESTION: Is it possible to stipulate business agreements with Cavazzone?
Yes, and each proposal will be assessed individually based on the needs of the requesting organization; agreements may cover all of Cavazzone’s services (Restaurant, Rooms, Conference Room).

QUESTION: Are there any accessible rooms?
Yes, one of the suites is wheelchair-accessible, and both the Conference Room and the Restaurant are equipped to accommodate disabled guests.

QUESTION Are pets allowed?
Yes, animals up to about 12 kg (approx. 25 lbs) are welcome at Cavazzone, though as a courtesy to other guests, we ask that you abide by basic hygiene norms and take good care of your four-legged friends; a small extra fee may also apply. Remember that all pets must always be walked on a leash, and aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle. Since there are wild animals on the estate’s grounds, we request that you strictly observe these rules.

QUESTION Does the restaurant serve vegetarian dishes?
Yes, the menu always includes vegetarian options.

QUESTION: What about vegans?
On requests, we are also able to accommodate vegan guests.

QUESTION: What is there to see in the area around Cavazzone?
The area is home to countless historical sites (Matildian Castles and Villages), natural wonders (Messinian Gypsums, Regnano mud volcanoes, Bismantova Rock, Natural Preserves), gastronomical landmarks (Parmigiano Reggiano dairies, traditional wineries and cellars, prosciutto and salami factories, historic bakeries, etc.), cultural treasures and art towns (Maramotti Collection, Reggio Emilia, Guastalla, Correggio, Scandiano) and much more (Ferrari, Lamborghini). We have guides and maps which our clients are welcome to use.