Fried spinach cake in pastry €7,00
Trencher with a special choice of cured meat with fried dumpling €12,00
Pumpkin Soufle with Cavazzone Balsamic Vinegar €7,00
Crepes with Porcini mushrooms and cheese cream €8,00
Boiled spinach and ricotta balls with crispy speck and Parmigiano Reggiano sauce €8,00

Main courses

Spinach tortelli with butter and Parmesan Cheese €8,00
Pumpkin tortelli with butter and Parmesan Cheese €8,00
Deer meat ragout Cappellacci with Parmesan cheese cream €8,00
Tagliatelle with wild meat ragout and parmesan cheese €8,00
Cereals soup with crispy bacon €8,00
Pumpkin Risotto with balsamic vinegar €9,00
Cake with Maccheroni and meat ragout in a crusty sweet shell €10,00
Gluten free pasta with Cavazzone meat ragout or tomato and basil €8,00
The kitchen may periodically offer special/alternative dishes.

Second courses

Veal Fillet with Cavazzone Balsamic Vinegar €18,00
Deer Stew with polenta €12,00
Baked Piglet served
(on request for a minimum of 6 people)
Roast pork meat with juniper berries and Cavazzone Balsamic Vinegar €12,00
Veal cheeks with vegetable sauce €14,00
Cotechino with lentils €10,00
Tripe meat at the old style recipe from Cavazzone €12,00


Roast potatoes
Sweet and sour cipolline onions
Mixed roast vegetables
Mixed salad
Sautéed peppers with capers and black olives € 3,00


Zuppa inglese dessert (it contains alcohol) €5,00
Chocolate cake with english cream €5,00
Panna Cotta with Cavazzone balsamic vinegar €5,00
Milfoil with cream and berries €5,00
Red Pear with zabaione cream €6,00