Agriturismo Cavazzone
00 Hero Visite Guidate
00 Hero Visite Guidate

Guided tours

Agriturismo Cavazzone
Guided tours

Visit the vinegar farm An experience to remember

01 Visitare L Acetaia

It is possible to organise guided tours of the vinegar farm, for single visitors or for groups, to discover the production process of the vinegar, its historic evolution, and the characteristics that have made this product famous all over the world. Guided tours last from 20 to 45 minutes, for groups of up to 35 people. 

02 Visitare L Acetaia

Guided tours

Guided tours last from 20 to 45 minutes, for groups of up to 35 people. During the tour, our staff will not simply explain the production process: they will also share interesting anecdotes of their own experience in the farm. Balsamic production is a tradition of the Sidoli-Terrachini family, handed down with passion to the new generations and to the staff of Cavazzone.

04 Tour Guidati

Tasting Balsamico del Cavazzone

After the tour, visitors can stay and taste Balsamico del Cavazzone in the restaurant areas. The tasting session can be simple or articulated and includes 4 or 5 types of ageing.

06 Degustare Il Balsamico
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