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00 Hero Belvedere
00 Hero Belvedere

The Belvedere

Agriturismo Cavazzone
The Belvedere

The symbol of Cavazzone, between past and present

01 Il Simbolo

As you come up from Albinea, shortly before the last curves, your eyes fall on the first point of interest of Cavazzone. This is the Belvedere, a beautiful iron/cast iron construction that blends perfectly with the style of the adjacent chalet, typical of the 19th century.

Designed by Alessandro Sidoli, over the years it has become the symbol of the estate and a recognisable area landmark. The Belvedere is located within the private area of the estate and is normally not open to the public. 

02 Il Simbolo

The history of the Belvedere

04 La Storia
03 La Storia

In 1944 the Belvedere was damaged during the war. It was shot by American fighters which destroyed some of the brickwork.


In 2012 it piqued the interest of Luigi Sidoli, who had it restructured. In addition to the meticulous work to recover the structure, he also embarked on a deep research of the origins of this extraordinary structure.


To this day, this iron/cast iron structure represents the symbol of Cavazzone and of the sentimental and planning continuity between its two historical owners. 

In the 1880s, the Belvedere was built at the stables of Palazzo Franchetti in Porta S. Stefano, in Reggio Emilia. Baron Raimondo loved to perch atop it, so he was able to see his dear Cavazzone hill from afar. 


1930S - The Baron’s heirs put the Reggio Emilia property up for sale, and the whole estate was parcelled out. The Belvedere was set on a portion of the park which had been designated for the construction of a house, and the lot’s buyer needed to clear the land. He was ready to scrap the Belvedere, if selling it was not possible.

Eugenio Terrachini, owner of the hamlet and of the central part of Cavazzone’s agricultural lands, intervened to save the Belvedere. He purchased the construction, had it dismantled in Reggio Emilia and reassembled in Cavazzone, where it can still be admired today.

04 La Storia
The history of Cavazzone
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